Christmas Spending Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, here are a few ideas for you to consider that might help put less strain on your wallet and not have Christmas lose its sparkle!

Have a pre-Christmas clean up

A recent report released by Gumtree found the average Australian could have $5,300 of unwanted items at home. Boost your Christmas spending dollars by selling of some of your second hand items.

Start picking up bargains now

Take advantage of specials and discounts on things you will need like long life food items, nibbles and alcohol. These can add up to good savings and means the cost is spread out over a longer time period rather than having to get everything all at once. Starting early means you’ll also be less likely to rush through it and be more likely to stick to your plan.

Make a list and stick to it!

We all do it, find things for ourselves and end up over spending at the shops. Make your list of what you’re going to buy and who for and stick with it.

Invest some time researching

If you already have gift and/or food ideas in mind, spend some time looking through all those email newsletters you’ve signed up for, there could be some great savings in the lead up to Christmas. You can also try comparing prices across stores online before you even leave home to save you time when you’re out shopping.

Gifts cards & group presents

Do you have gift cards laying around unused or with a small balance on them? These could be a great idea for using to purchase gifts for others if you aren’t going to get use of them yourself. Another idea is to go in on a group present and all chip in a smaller amount each.

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